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ElectRo Exclusives No. 027: Archer

     Revenim cu un nou mix pentru seria ElectRo Exclusives din partea unui tânăr talent descoperit şi promovat de compatrioţii de la Dubkraft Records, Archer, sau Liviu Runcan. Las loc unei prezentări foarte succinte care apare pe pagina lui de Soundcloud, pe care vă invit să o exploraţi. Deocamdată, până vă puneţi la curent cu o bucăţică din trecutul său muzical, indemn urechile voastre spre mixul pregătit special pentru voi.

     "Archer is the musical hybrid made up by Liviu Runcan, spinning between influences, styles and tempos in the contemporary electonic music spectrum. Increasingly intersted in music from his teens, at 16 years old starts getting into drums, soon after forms a gothic metal band with friends. After two years, the band splits up, and it was only in 2009, when inspired by the pionneers of dubstep, decided to use his experience, influcences, knowledge, and never the less, determination, on a digital interface.
     At the end of 2010, started sending tunes to Alien Pimp, who decided to bring Archer in the Dubkraft Records and Fals Flag Operation family, featuring on the debut V/A OPOLOG 00, with “sunrise”, supported by one of future thinking drum&bass pioneer, ASC. The debute on Dubkraft Records conceived whith “Adult Bass Music” vol.2, the tune “night train” getting dj support from Hyperdub`s Scratha DVA. In the summer of 2011 featured on the V/A “Modern Dub from Bucharest” alongside a few talented artists from Bucharest.
     Constantly pushing his sound, trying to make a mark in the game, through production and dj-ing, working on an E.P and some releases, you must expect only big things happening."

 1.Ortokore - Pandremonte (Vodoo Music)
 2.Archer - What you need (cdr)
 3.Marginal- Style is a cage (Dubkraft Records)
 4.The last hero & Archer - Steel city (cdr)
 5.DJG - Hydrate (Warm Comunication)
 6.Archer- Shapeless (Dubkraft Dub)
 7.ASC - Shutter (Exit Records)
 8.Consequence - Marlo (Exit Records)
 9.dBrigde, Instramental & Skream - Arcadia avenue (Autonomic)
10.ASC - Yatta (NonPlus)
11.Archer - Sunrise VIP (Dubkraft Dub)
12.Lung - Relapse (MedSchool Music)
13.Loxy & Resound - Black Hole (Exit Records)
14.Enei - Obsession (Critical Music)
15.Skeptical - Fluctuate (Ingrediants Records)
16.Raiden & Outrage0 - Tornado (Temah)
17.Archer - Balkan Bass (cdr)
18.DBR UK - Forthress (Dipatch Records)
19.Archer- Twords the sea (cdr)
20.Loxy & Resound - Innervension (Exit Records)
21.Dub Phizix & Skeptical feat. Strategy Mc (Exit Records)
22.Alex Reece - Pulp Fiction (Metalheadz)
23.J Majik & Wickaman - Old Headz (Metalheadz)
24.Sabre, Stray & Halogenix(ft Frank Cartel 3) - Olique (Critical Music)
25.Indigo - Time (Exit Records)
26.Bulb - Tenderness (Kokeshi)

     Tot special pentru cititorii ElectroBlog Ro, Archer a oferit o piesă gratuit pentru una dintre compilaţiile "The Future".

Archer - Shouts by ElectroBlogRo-The Future2

"<Shouts> e genul de <roller>, în care am încercat să îmbin un vibe dinamic, alert, ţinând un <feel> armonios şi o progresie plăcută urechii."

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