luni, 13 februarie 2012

Thank you !

     Our friends from posted a short review about the "ElectroBlog Ro - 1 Year" compilation. Thank you very much.

     "Analogik is an association of skilled professionals dedicated to offering excellent information and internet resources in the areas of technology, culture, multimedia, visual arts, and science.
     Analogik was founded in 1999 in beautiful Brisbane, Australia. The Analogik website and domain at has been actively registered since January 2001.
     Analogik is here on the web for all to access. The power and innovation in electronic music and alternative arts is felt strongly at Analogik. The website has features on current popular techno music movements, artists, the latest technology for creating electronic art, and opportunities for artists and DJs.
     Whether you're an old school music pro, a beginning DJ that needs help and inspiration, or just an avid fan of progressive art and music, Analogik has an enormous amount of entertaining content for your reading and listening pleasure.
    Analogik is a must visit site for anyone interested in cutting edge music, art, technology, and entertainment."

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