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Releases: Randomform - Enfeld (2011, High Grade Media)

      Ne putem mandri cu inca un roman in selecta familie High Grade Media, Sorin Paun, acesta urmand sa lanseze sub monikerul sau, Randomform, un album cu 13 piese numit "Enfeld". IDM de foarte buna calitate, glitchy, atmosferic, ambiental, profund, cinematic chiar. Acesta poate fi ascultat si cumparat de pe site-ul oficial al labelului american.

Enfeld Shell
Infold Event
Dylon Section
Xylene Antiform
In X
ARQ Field Quons
Cybervetic VX
Enfeld Deformed

     "Bucharest’s Sorin Paun is one of the most prolific electronic music agents to perform on the digital web scene recently. Known for intense releases and extremely moody radio mixes, you have probably heard of his two most famous acts: Datacrashrobot and Randomform. Debuting on High Grade Media with a full-length record as Randomform, his trademarks are well present and better than ever. Known for intense fluid beat work, allied to some original and dense glitch textures, Enfeld shouldn’t disappoint fans of complex electronic music who’ve been longing for some decent glitchery in 2011.
      It’s easy to get lost on the dreamy and spacial tunes present here, the cavernous ambient work contrasting with the always-morphing beats, create some fascinating auditive journeys, quasi out of this planet feelings that will certainly make you comeback to pay attention more closely to that little sound that’s bugging you, never knowing for sure it’s abstract origin.
      Turn off the lights, boost up your stereo and let the chills flow through your body.credits released 31 October 2011."

Written and Produced by Sorin Paun 
Artwork by Vicetto -
Mastered by Chris Amell

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