duminică, 18 martie 2012

Releases: Vlad Caia - Projections [2012, Amphia]

Projections (Fumiya Tanaka Remix)

     După "Traversa" lui Cons de la finele anului trecut, urmează un nou release la home labelul celuilalt producător din proiect SIT, Vlad Caia. Cu siguranţă unul dintre cele mai experimental materiale produse de el până în prezent, minimalistic, organic, clasic, frumos aşezat.

     "Only 1 Copy per Customer The second installment of Amphia reveals the crew's other half. Vlad Caia. Now living in Oslo, Vlad is one of the best romanian producers and he brings out a very fresh slice of minimal house. Projections is a clap driven tunnel track that will certainly make you think and dance in the same time. On the other hand Venera is a more housier toolish approach. Japanese artist and Berlin resident, Fumiya Tanaka, delivers a stunning Projections remix. Limited to 500 copies, this disc is a must have for sure."

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