vineri, 30 martie 2012

Space Teenager - Pulsar Chronicles Mix

     It's been 9 months since my last message back home, only due to being on the other side of the galactic core and, as you know, radio signals cannot get through past the super massive black hole that lies in the center of our galaxy. What was I doing so far away? Exploring, studying and admiring the amazingly unique pulsars. This is the sound of them filtered and compiled through my ship's AI!
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01 Phil Weeks - By My Side [Robsoul 2011]
02 Sello - Plombir [Neovinyl 2011]
03 Rills - Everything Changed [8bit 2011]
04 Audiojack - Get Serious [20:20 Vision 2011]
05 Sound Stream - All Night [Sound Stream 2010]
06 Spencer Parker - Riding On The Rhythm [Saved 2011]
07 Stojche - My City [Liebe*Detail 2010]
08 Dachshund - Oak Glen [Highgrade 2011]
09 Lula Circus - Pumpin Groovin Moovin (Pezzner Remix) [Stranjjur 2011]
10 Franck Roger feat. Mandel Turner - After All [Real Tone 2011]
11 Jay West - Feel it (Salted Music) [Salted Music 2011]
12 Hector - The Ego [One 2011]
13 Basil Hardhaus 2 feat. Burrell - Black Man (Nicholas Black & Proud Mix) [Needwant 2011]
14 DJ Bertrand - Fuckin' Filter (Ivan's Cube Cleaning Dub) [Serial 1998]
15 The Deep feat. Julien Jabre - Love Your Brother [Basenotic 1998]

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