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Celsius Events prezinta Smooth (Viper Recordings, SLO) @ Setup Venue‏


SMOOTH (Viper Recordings, SLO)

      Luka Per aka Smooth was introduced to music at 10 when he began to practice piano. He practiced it for about 3 years and later on he became more interested in guitar, also in such genres as metal, hardcore etc.
When a couple of years passed by he attended his first drum n bass party and he was stoaked! It was very soon after that he decided not just to love this music but also to make his own tunes.
      Now he has been making beats for about 6 years. First release was in quite distant 2005 on Touchin’ down records from which Lost Cause was played a lot from various djs.
      As he researched sound more and more, he decided that his sound just wasn’t good enough, so he shut him self in the studio and waited till 2008 when his improving sound was noticed by Dementia and together with Rregula they released Obfuscate on Trust in music 12?. Between there and now he released Space attack on Recon and massive Out of time on Ruse records. Then he was picked up by the massive Viper collective. He had his debut release on the label on "Acts Of Mad Men" album which was pronounced "Album of the Week" by Zane Lowe on Radio1. He also had a single on Vipers sister label Viper VIP witch included tracks 7th Sense and Squirm, which was played by alot of big guys in the scene.

DJUBEI (AstronautKru, HD)
ELEMENTRIX (Celsius Events/Groove Playaz, AR)
Visuals by U8

LOCATIE: Setup Venue
Data: Sambata 3 Martie

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