vineri, 27 mai 2011

Recommends: Zum & Mario Sombrilla - Que Puedo Hacer

     Zum este o trupa romaneasca al carui bio suna cam asa: "ZUM ! Looking for love or is love looking for you ? Are u being torn to pieces, left aside, lifted up to higher heights, put down on your knees ? ZUM creates the vibe, positive energy and witty tunes to make up the soundtrack of your love adventure. Step up your game and just press PLAY... ZUM ! Inspired by the sound of the bee: “zzZum”, this music project is as sweet as honey. Our sound brings in light, optimism, energy and relaxation. Synth sounds start a bitter-sweet relationship with sensuous bass licks and funky grooves. Handmade sound travels to imaginary dream destinations – this recipe tastes delicious and is sure to make you float away into different dimensions of time and space as our musical journey takes you through many world music secret spots. Take off to that very special place inside you by listening to our pieces, or, better yet, let yourself be swept away by our unforgettable live performances !"

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