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Reform-1 - My Computer [2012, Raumklang Music]

     "Ciprian Rosu was born in 1979 in Piatra Neamt, Romania. His parents introduced him to music at a very early age by presenting him with a mandolin. He accepted the mandolin and introduced his parents to noise.
     The following years of his life were a quest for making music out of the weird and wonderful auricular visions that haunted his young mind. He gained precious lore by disassembling his brand new Casio keyboard and gathered wisdom by collecting old vynils and tape cassettes. He discovered what a computer running Impulse Tracker could do. At 16 he started dj-ing at parties and clubs, and later at the local radio station.
     He is down there in the dungeons of sound, in the maze where idm meets dnb, dark ambient and noise and glitch. Battling demons. With audio software."

     "My computer is a world within the world, a cyberpunk ride hallucination the very representation of every byte of data in electronic sound and sonic motion.
     Alternative frequencies used for mind control, hard drive apparatus used for implanted circuitry, decompose and genetic alteration, mind invasion, brain - computer interfaces, mainframes, artificial intelligence, neurochemistry - techniques that are radically redefining the nature of humanity, the nature of self. All these themes are the main elements that define Reformís 1 first release.
     All inside his mind and pushed further out into soundforms by his dark companion: "The Computer"."

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