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Biografii/Discografii: Kamarius

     "Wellcome into the world of Kamarius's music.The journey is taken with the sounds of Ambient,Electronic,New-Age,World,Meditative,Spiritual,Cinematic,Soundtrack,Experimental Music.
     Kamarius - a romanian artist, composer,but also in touch with other forms of art like visual arts,photography,theater,poetry,dance and even... martial arts.He is interested in objective art (or sacred art)the only true form of art that can put you in resonance with The Divine Energy and Consciousness.His music is an expression of the inner life in balance with the "external world".The creativity,the art is seen as a meditative state.About this kind of art-the objective art -you can find what has been said in the beginning of the twentieth century by Gurdjieff and later by Rajneesh(Osho).
     Kamarius appreciates every help..signing with major label, promotion, sponsors, donations, support, sharing,etc...everything that will help him to continue his artistic activity.
     He also wants to thank to all the people who helped and supported him along this way so far.Thank you!Warm embraces!"

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