marți, 22 mai 2012

Releases: Premiesku - Constant EP [2012, Desolat]

     Finally, back to the old days. După două materiale platonice, minimaliste, lansate de Livio & Roby în ultimele luni, aceştia revin la colaborarea alături de George G în trio-ul clasic Premiesku/Monochrome şi la genul muzical care i-a consacrat. Piese pozitive, alerte, housey, complexe, sofisticate. O gură de aer şi o doză de melancolie.

     "PREMIESKU, a project from Romanian duo Livio & Roby in collaboration with their pal George G, pays tribute to analogue sources and vintage devices ñ for them itís all about touching knobs and faders, modulating oscillators, building their own consoles, interacting with their gear and taking time to experiment. Not for nostalgia, but for the love of organic grooves, spiritedness of sounds and a serious portion of soul in their music." (

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