marți, 28 februarie 2012

Born From Pain, 28 februarie‏

Marti 28 februarie, ora 21.00 @ Fabrica:

BORN FROM PAIN (hardcore from Holland) + Deathdrive + Breathelast

Intrare: 25 de lei


      Trupa olandeza de hardcore BORN FROM PAIN  revine in Romania marti, 28 februarie pe scena clubului Fabrica.
      Inca de la inceputuri (1997), Born From Pain si-au castigat o multime de fani si s-au facut remarcati pe plan international prin show-uri pline de energie  si un sound matur, o combinatie de metal cu hardcore.
The choruses are an important part to BFP's sound, entering a new high-speed realm of chugging guitars and crashing drums which finish in epic sounding, guitar-lead slower sections. These moments, as well as some of the riffs, have a melodic edge to them which result in their songs, as well as certain hooks and lyrics, becoming memorable and catchy.
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      Turneele prin Europa, S.U.A. si Japonia i-au adus pe aceeasi scene cu nume sonore pentru admiratorii genului:  Hatebreed, Madball, Zero Mentality, Six Feet Under, Soulfly si Agnostic Front.



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