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Releases: Alpha Bite - Aura (2011)

1. Over the edge (Intro)
2. Illusion or reality
3. Fingers (Interlude)
4. Mind Speach (Extended Version)
5. Back to the hole
6. Long distance
7. Spectrum road
8. Horney Vether
9. Out of mind
10. The Quantic movment
11. Time is nothing
12. Humanize (Interlude)
13. Alpha riot (Outro)

    Am placerea sa va prezint un album foarte interesant, muzica electronica, cu radacini in hip hop, un mix de trip hop, idm, dub, etc. Il puteti asculta si lua gratis de pe bandcamp-ul lui Alpha Bite, deci nu va costa nimic, pentru ca nici nu aveti nimic de pierdut, decat de castigat. Cultura muzicala ! Enjoy.
     <<<Presenting an abstract, psychedelic world but carried in a contemporary electronic and organic place at the same time. Much of this music was conceived beyond urban areas. The major influences in this album go from Trip Hop area to Bass Dub, IDM, Glitch Hop and influences like ChipStep and Wonky. This is a fantastic journey that propels you into own deep ego. Some of the sound waves can generate intense trance. This album is recommended an "Aura" medicine because it studies auditory stimulus frequency for the following therapeutic indications: Intimate interior, indoor social, outdoor transitive. Indication usage may create guidelines for the affect like safety/uncertainty, love/addiction, unknown/childhood, but also may foreshadow the line downward from the projection of self-introspection on to the outside. Let's say this is a mix of states of mind trying somehow to be translated into sounds. The invitation remains open for those who want to open their ears ... or soul. Enjoy listening to "Aura"...>

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