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Releases: MustBeat Crew - The Feedback (The Gemini Bros Fresh Edit) [2011, Timewarp]


     Twins have always been fascinating! Our twin story starts with Razvan and Ionut Chiron, born in Constanta/ Constangeles (romanian version of L.A.). Inspired or not by the sea side, they were preoccupied with arts, and both studied at the Arts Highschool in the ceramics and mural art section. A passion for music came along and starting to play funky house and techno was what made them pretty famous in their hometown and beyond.
     They started to play in 2001 in The Web Club - Bucharest, a well known place of electronic music Romanian underground scene arena. Djs like Marika and Vasile (Shukar Collective & NSK) show them how to react to professional desks and equipments. Also Dj Rainer Meskalin (Opera Club - Leipzig) had a positive influence in their next career.
     Evolution earned its' place in their music and since then they've been mixing new style of nufunk, nujazz, funky house, nudisco, mash-ups.
     The Gemini Bros is their stage name and they are such a glowing duo in our funk club.
They've played together with Kraak & Smaak (NL), A-Skillz (UK), Ed Solo (UK), JFB (UK), Waldeck (AU), Pimpsoul (UK), True Ingridients (UK), Marko Milicevic (SB - Gramophonedzie) and the list continues...
     After appearances in some compilations with jazzy house tracks, our "funky brothers" started to work more and more in the production line. More and more requests for remixes and tracks come along and their first release will come shortly then we thought. Appearances together with names like Telephunken, Funkanomics, Rory Hoy, DJ Prosper, Ewan Hoozami, Niles Phillips on the same releases or having support from Kraak & Smaak, Ursula 1000, Timewarp Inc, Max Sedgley or Basement Freaks gives them the ambition to continue in the same top manner.
     Their motto: "Keep the FUNK alive!"

The Gemini Bros - Trump skyscrapers (12") Big M Productions 2011 (TBA)

PulpFusion - Sex Drum Funk & Roll (Gemini Bros remix) Pig Balls Records Switzerland (august 2011)
Clairvo [Mustbeat] - The Feedback (The Gemini Bros fresh edit) Timewarp Greece Records (september 2011)
Uptown Funk Empire - The Gemini Bros remixes release Soulab Records France (TBA 2011)

Appears on Compilations:
V/A - Addicted To Low Frequencies Volume 02 Productos BMM Spain (BMM80) (2011)
V/A - Luca Ricci Presents WMC 2011 Aenaria Tribal Aenaria Tribal Holland (AENTR 024) (2011)
V/A - Winter Session Compilation Clatter Records Italy (2011)

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