marți, 6 septembrie 2011

Recommends: Echo Layla - Red Green Blue


O piesa pur si simplu minunata..

     "Echo Layla is the brain child of three young, talented, upcoming geniuses. 
     FIlthru (FilthEr) dabbled in music from an early age. He played guitar in two (moderately bad) bands while learning how to produce electronic music. He later decided he wanted to become a hipster so he took up DJ-ing and bought an Xbox. 
     iDoom played guitar and keyboards alongside Jack before he decided to run off to England to learn how to make a Terminator. He got deeper into electronic music during his summer in Berlin (working for a little company called soundcloud) and then started producing on his own. 
     Jack. The voice. A truly bohemian character. He's favourite things are death, sun rises on a beach, human evolution and long walks through dark forests. He also plays guitar and Poker. 
     Echo Layla will have an ever-growing, ever-improving sound ranging through many types of electronic (and just plain old) music. 
     Or in other words, whatever makes us all tingly inside."

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