luni, 29 august 2011

Releases: Various - Inspired By Summer (2011, DubKraft)

Materia + Alien Pimp - Gainomax
Vlad Onu - Elements
Rush'd - Nothing
Volatil - The Stocktaker
Blind Prophet - Linear / Love
Reash - Sweat
Parallel - Waiting For Nothing To Happen
Nehuen - Like That
Alien Pimp - Le Freak
Alien Pimp vs Shukar Collective - Haladiton
Zoltan - Can't Break
Materia - Strangefunk (Volatil Remix)

     O noua compilatie lansata la labelul romanului Alien Pimp, Dubkraft Records, de aceasta data una de vara, ce cuprinde 12 piese semnate de numerosi producatori tineri autohtoni. Trei piese sunt semnate de veteranul Silviu, dintre care una foarte interesanta alaturi de Shukar Collective, numita "Haladiton". O alta piesa interesanta este cea a romanului Mihai Costin aka Reash.

     "End of August. Summer prepares to become a nostalgia for some, while others still dream of it. So, to help everyone in need for that special vibe, we prepared a soundtrack that portrays a summer week-end, with all that's beautiful about it, from sunrise 'til dawn and through the night, from the beach to the dancefloor, and from melancholy to ecstasy. Such beautiful times can be rich in feelings and experiences, and so is this album. Midtempo bassy electronica is what we deal with here, and the artists come from around half the globe or so. This is for the open-minded music passionate with eclectic tastes, and there's tracks for about any kind of DJ sets around 120-140bpm.
     Available soon in all digital formats in most quality online shops out there, but for a start best prices for 320kbps mp3's are to be found in DubKraft's shop - . For other formats we recommend . Cover artwork by Teodoru Badiu -"

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