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Events: Nightlong SubPod - Timisoara 5-6 August 2011

5-6 august 2011 ● Timisoara, Ro ● 23:00 ● Terasa D'arc pe mal(sub pod) 

     Vineri si Sambata, 5-6 august 2011 va invitam sa petreceti un weekend special alaturi de noi si de invitatii nostrii, Miss Sunshine si Kozo, in 2 seri de NIGHTLONG SUBPOD (editiile 5-6) . Va asteptam cu muzica buna, sa dansam, sa zambim si sa privim rasaritul impreuna.. totul de doua ori.. pe mal la Bega, sub podul nostru atat despre NIGHTLONG SUBPOD 5/6...
ne (re)vedem.. subpod !!!
● Miss Sunshine 
Monocline, FVF, QueensOfMinimalTechno, Croatia​ges/Miss-Sunshine/47000447​290

     Through her DJ sets or her productions on labels like FVF, Monocline, Der Hut, Dual Musik, Illegal Alien, Swap, Lazerslut, SWAP... Miss Sunshine unifies perceptions of open minded people in her graceful sense for sounds and minimal tones, strengthened with solid tech grooves and the love of challenging music without boundaries..//
● Kozo 
[a:rpia:r], Understand, Bucuresti​zodj

     Young and uprising, totally passioned about the tech side of electronic music, Kozo isn't afraid to touch both house and techno genre to complete his musical journey. His sets are groovy and uplifting, filling floors all around country and venues abroad like the Odeon Theatre in Amsterdam, Silo (Leuven), Robert Johnson, Rex Paris or the Privilege & Underground clubs in Ibiza. //
● Dargo (nightlong)​dargo

● ProzaK (nightlong)​ozaksound

● Drummer (nightlong)​ummersound

● Chelu​u

● visuals by: Entis
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