marți, 12 iulie 2011

Releases: Faster - Omego / Rost (2011, Kurbits)

     "For this release Kurbits is happy to announce a new artist for the label – Laurentiu Suciu – aka. Faster. Laurentiu has been around on the Romanian scene for a couple of years and has earned himself a large number of fans throughout the country. Under the name Faster, Laurentiu has already released a couple of remixes and tracks on various digital labels such as the digital divisions of Air Drop Records and Cray1 Labworks. Whereas his previous releases has been more of straight up house affairs, this release sees Laurentiu going for the more minimal and hypnotic shades of dance music. On the A-side we have Omego, a track with instant hypnotic qualities. The rolling bass line and the atmospheric pads make the track a perfect choice for those in ween moments when you’re about to take your set from one direction to another. On the flip we have Rost, a rhythmic skeleton based around a simple groove and a little hint of melody. The track might not have the ingredients of a chart buster, but we can assure you that it has all the ingredients of what we call a perfect tool. We sincerely hope youll have as much pleasure with these tracks as we are. Well be back soon with new and exciting rhythms. Happy mixing !" (


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