joi, 21 aprilie 2011

Events: Brainwashed (Task Kreed & Limpid) @ La Spatiu, 22 Apr

     Brainwashed was formed in October 2003 by 19 year olds Limpid & Task Kreed, as a result of their passion for the electronic music wave and DJing. Back in those days they were heavily influenced by old school dj's like Anthony Pappa, Sasha, Deep Dish, Steve Lawler, Danny Rampling, Xpress-2 and many others.
     Brainwashed played at private parties for restrained groups of electronic music lovers, as this musical current was mostly underground at that time. They had gigs in clubs such as Cuando, Tunnel or Space Bucharest . In 2005 they where residents at Club Affinity in Bucharest, but the residency was not as rewarding on the musical side as they expected it to be, so, as the opportunity arose, they turned to gigs in other cities. Brainwashed played in Sighisoara at the medieval festival in 2006 and at Office Club in 2007, in Craiova at All Stars Club and also at a few private parties in Snagov (a tourist resort near Bucharest).
     In 2006 Task Kreed launched [nutation] netlabel, comprising only Brainwashed at that time. At the moment, the label represents 14 DJs, each of them unique in their musical styles and views, but having one thing in common: the passion for electronic music.
     Brainwashed main style is underground techno, with the deep hard bass line and the dark psychedelic sounds as trademarks. Although their style is unique, they keep on broadening their horizons, looking, as surfers say, for ”the perfect wave”, while also developing new mixing and composition techniques in their DJ sets.
     The Brainwashed goal is to grow and promote their music to as many people as possible, while also contributing to the increase in quality of the electronic music.

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